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Isn’t It Time for You to Be Your Best Self?


My name is Kelly and I am a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach.  I started Be Your Best Self to help people look and feel their best.  An often overlooked piece of that puzzle is to keep your sense of humor and not stress about every detail.  The information here is my opinion, based on my own research.  I like to share things in a simple and easy to implement style without technical jargon.

5 Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight Naturally

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5 Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight Naturally


Easy Anxiety Fixes

Do you suffer with anxiety?  Unfortunately, many people do--to varying degrees--from a bit of angst sometimes to full blown panic. I have suffered through my own anxiety issues which were sometimes just a low throttle that I could function through and mostly ignore...

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Colorful Pepper Salad

With all of the beautiful peppers that you can find at your farmer's markets right now, why not enjoy them in a lovely salad--all of the different colors make it beautiful.  Here's a recipe for a quick and simple version that is pleasing to the eye and palate.  This...

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Easy Morning Health and Detox Elixir

When you wake up each morning, squeeze half of an organic lemon into 8 ounces of room temperature or warm water--ice water is shocking to the system--especially first thing in the morning.  Drink your lemon water 10 to 20 minutes before eating anything.  This is a...

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Top Ways to Slow the Aging Process

Drink lots of water--dehydration ages your skin--think dryness and wrinkles Go gluten free--wheat and other grains spike blood sugar creating a cascade of reactions that cause aging and health issues Eat more good quality protein--your body needs protein for repairing...

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