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With all of the beautiful peppers that you can find at your farmer’s markets right now, why not enjoy them in a lovely salad–all of the different colors make it beautiful.  Here’s a recipe for a quick and simple version that is pleasing to the eye and palate.  This makes a great lunch option on its own or enjoy as a side salad.  You can also add spinach or other greens of choice for more of a traditional salad.


bell peppers or other sweet peppers of choice with as many colors as possible–I used red, yellow, purple and green



feta cheese–omit if dairy sensitive–I use goat feta which is tolerable for more people


olive oil

red wine vinegar




Chop veggies and add other ingredients and mix well.  Enjoy.

Note:  adjust veggie amounts for how many servings you need and add spices to taste.