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  1. Drink lots of water–dehydration ages your skin–think dryness and wrinkles
  2. Go gluten free–wheat and other grains spike blood sugar creating a cascade of reactions that cause aging and health issues
  3. Eat more good quality protein–your body needs protein for repairing and rebuilding and protein also keeps your blood sugar stable
  4. Eat more veggies and fruits–fruits and vegetables have important antioxidants that help fight the aging process
  5. Eat more fat–healthy fats nourish your skin making it look younger
  6. Cut the sugar–sugar depletes your collagen, making your skin lose elasticity which leads to wrinkles
  7. Reduce stress–stress robs your body of essential nutrients, thus speeding the aging process
  8. Sleep more–lack of sleep causes a host of problems in your body which can lead to all sorts of health issues
  9. Lift weights–lifting weights will help tighten your skin
  10. Switch to natural personal care products–commercial products are loaded with dangerous chemicals that you apply to your skin which will age you faster